2017120801, First light on boulders and Turkey Peak
2017110808, Creekside pine tree in fog
2017110807, Maples in fog on McKittrick Creek
2017110805, Maples and pines in fog
2017110804, Maples and pines in fog
2017110803, Maple leaves on limestone
2017110802, Agave, sotol, and maple
2017110801, McKittrick Creek
2017110706, Devil's Hall
2017110505, Cedar elms in fall color
2017110504, Cedar elms in fall color
2017110501, Cedar elms in fall color
2017100801, Tasajillo and mesquite at sunset
2017081908, Crucifix and statue
2017081907, Sanctuary arch and apse
2017081906, Candles and stained glass window
2017081905, Sanctuary
2017081904, Arches and side altar
2017081903, Arches
2017081902, Painted panel
2017081901, Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church
2017080230, Painted detail
2017080229, Apse and ceiling
2017080228, Painted columns
2017080227, Painted heart
2017080226, Altar gates and altar
2017080225, St. Mary's Catholic Church
2017080224, Statues
2017080223, Altar
2017080221, Sanctuary
2017080220, Painted apse
2017080219, St. Mary's Catholic Church
2017080218, Statues
2017080217, Painting over sanctuary arch
2017080216, Bible and candle
2017080215, Side altar
2017080209, Angel statue
2017080207, Altar
2017080205, Statues
2017080203, Side altar and wall detail
2017080202, Painting over sanctuary arch
2017072223, Painted ceiling
2017072221, Last Supper carving
2017072220, Mosaic art
2017072219, Painted detail
2017072218, Apse and stained glass window
2017072217, Painted ceiling detail
2017072216, Stained glass window
2017072215, Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary Catholic Church
2017072214, Candle and statue of Jesus
2017072211, Altar gate and painted apse
2017072210, Lamb carved in marble
2017072209, St. Ann's Catholic Church
2017072208, Crucifix
2017072204, Painted apse, St. Ann's Catholic Church
2017070705, Granite exfoliation
2017070704, Hill Country moonrise
2017070703, Summer rain shower
2017063003, Lichen covered boulders
2017063002, Quartz outcrop
2017060303, Pedernales River rapids
2017060302, Cascade between cypress trees
2017050904, Prairie Dog Town Fork of the Red River below Capitol Peak
2017050901, Hoodoo and boulders
2017041501, Cactus, live oak, and Texas bluebonnets
2017040802, Yucca, Texas bluebonnets, and live oaks at dusk
2017040801, Texas bluebonnets and live oak at sunset
2017040502, Sunset on hills above field of Texas bluebonnets
2017033004, Earth shadow over field of Texas bluebonnets
2017033003, Texas paintbrushes in a field of Texas bluebonnets
2017033002, Field of Texas bluebonnets at sunrise
2017033001, Field of Texas bluebonnets at dawn
2017032901, Waterfall on Spring Creek
2017032705, Texas bluebonnets and oaks at sunset
2017032703, Texas bluebonnets and oak tree
2017031801, Creekside bluebonnets
2017021313, Painted ceiling
2017021312, Painted detail
2017021311, Lectern detail
2017021307, Queen of Peace Catholic Church
2017021306, Side altar
2017021304, Painted ceiling and apse
2017021303, Painted ceiling
2017021302, Painted apse and ceiling
2017021301, Sts. Cyril and Methodius Catholic Church
2017021105, St. Mary's Catholic Church
2017021104, Column and lectern
2017021102, Ceiling and apse
2017011501, Ranch road on foggy day
2017010804, Icicles and frozen waterfall at Gorman Falls
2017010803, Icicles at Gorman Falls
2017010801, Icicles at Gorman Falls

About 2017

This gallery contains the photographs of Texas I created in 2017, listed in reverse chronological order. Included are images of Colorado Bend State Park in the Texas Hill Country, San Saba County in the Texas Cross TimbersPalo Duro Canyon State Park in the Texas Panhandle Plains, Pedernales Falls State Park and Enchanted Rock State Natural Area in the Texas Hill Country, and Guadalupe Mountains National Park in West Texas. Also included are photos of Texas bluebonnets (Lupinus texensis) in Llano, Mason, and San Saba County in the Texas Hill Country.

Pictures of the Painted Churches of Texas include St. Mary's Catholic Church in Fredericksburg, Sts. Cyril and Methodius Catholic Church in Shiner, St. Mary's Catholic Church in Praha, St. Ann's Catholic Church in Kosciusko, Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church in Panna Maria, Queen of Peace Catholic Church in Sweet Home, St. Mary's Catholic Church in Hallettsville, St. Mary Catholic Church in High Hill, and Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church in La Coste.


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