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About The Painted Churches of Texas Images

This gallery contains subgalleries of some of the Painted Churches of Texas. The Painted Churches are primarily located in German and Czech towns in Central Texas, however, they also exist in the Texas Panhandle, North Texas, East Texas, and on the Texas Gulf Coast. 

The Painted Churches are related by their painted interior ornamentation. Five decorative techniques were used in these paintings: stenciling, freehand work, infill, graining, and marbling. Religious symbolism is common, especially in the case of the Catholic churches. Purely decorative painting, however, is also found, particularly in the Protestant examples. Many of the churches not only reflect uncommon survivals of high-style and vernacular painted interiors, but help to document the history of immigration in the state of Texas. 

Current offerings include Guardian Angel Catholic Church in Wallis, Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Panna Maria, Immaculate Heart of Mary Church in San Antonio, Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church in La Coste, Queen of Peace Catholic Church in Sweet Home, St. Ann's Catholic Church in Kosciusko, St. John the Baptist Catholic Church in Ammansville, St. Mary Catholic Church in High Hill, St. Mary's Catholic Church in Fredericksburg, St. Mary's Catholic Church in Hallettsville, St. Mary's Catholic Church in Praha, St. Paul Lutheran in Serbin, St. Peter's Catholic Church in Lindsay, Sts. Cyril and Methodius Catholic Church in Dubina, and Sts. Cyril and Methodius Catholic Church in Shiner.


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