The Last Frontier

About The Last Frontier

Since this country was merely a collection of colonies ruled by a foreign power, people have sought the freedom and opportunity represented by the unexplored and unknown: the frontier. At one time the entirety of Texas was frontier, drawing only the most adventurous and foolhardy from the states to the east who were in search of a fresh start.

Eventually, as the eastern half of Texas became more settled, the descendants of those first frontiersmen pushed further west into the desert and mountains of the region known to many as El Despoblado; and though it would become more densely populated than before it never ceased to be a land inhabited by few: the toughest and most resourceful.

Today, as Texas continues to become more urbanized with each passing year the land west of the Pecos remains as rugged and inhospitable, yet strikingly beautiful, as it has been in centuries past. Large portions of it are preserved in parks such as Big Bend and Guadalupe Mountains National Parks, while the remainder is ranchland intermittently interrupted by small rural towns. It is Texas’ last frontier.