2020111005, Cypress trees on the Guadalupe River
2020111007, Cypress trees on the Guadalupe River
2020111303, Bigtooth maple leaves
2020111302, Fog covered hills
2020111204 - Cedar and maples
2020111101, Cypress tree in fall color
2019112501, Cedar elm in fall color
2019111801, Cedar elm in fall color at sunset
2019110504, Mountain stream in McKittrick Canyon
2016110806, Bigtooth maples in fall color
2015120404, Leafless tree and fall color on hillside
2017110505, Cedar elms in fall color
2015112901, Red oak in transition
2013111306, Maples, sycamores, and boulders in the Sabinal River
2013111310, Maple leaves and boulder
2013111312, Maples and boulders on the Sabinal River
2014111802, Maples and boulders
2014112607, Last light on the Pedernales River
2016121204, Maple and oak leaves
2018110904, Fall color on McKittrick Creek
2018110803, Waterfall at Smith Spring
2013111506, Maples and boulder under the fog
41BAN00064, Maples on hillside
2015101101, Sunburst through cedar elm
2018110801, Waterfall at Smith Spring
2017110807, Maples in fog on McKittrick Creek
2015112801, Texas yucca and red oaks
2017110501, Cedar elms in fall color
2017110805, Maples and pines in fog
2017110803, Maple leaves on limestone
2017110804, Maples and pines in fog
2017110504, Cedar elms in fall color
2016110808, Sunburst through bigtooth maple
2014110603, Fallen maple leaves and waterfall
2017110802, Agave, sotol, and maple
2014110524, Sotol and maples under the cliffs in McKittrick Canyon
2014110523, Agave and maples in McKittrick Canyon
2014110515, Maple under fog covered cliffs in McKittrick Canyon
2014110513, Sotol and maples in McKittrick Canyon
2014110512, Agave and maples
2014111801, Maples reflected in Can Creek
2014110507, Agave and maple leaves in McKittrick Canyon
2014110505, Agave, sotol, and maples in McKittrick Canyon
2015101102, Cedar elms in fall color
2016110911, Sotol and maples
2016110908, Bigtooth maples on McKittrick Creek
2013111315, Virginia creeper on cypress
2012111204, Cypress trees reflected in the East Frio River
2016121201, Bigtooth maples growing among boulders
2022111401, Cypress trees on the Guadalupe River

About Texas Fall Color Images

This gallery contains images of fall color from across the state of Texas. Though fall color is not widespread throughout the state there are still places where it can be found. Pockets of bigtooth maple trees (Acer grandidentatum), which produce the most brilliant autumn color, exist in West Texas in the Guadalupe Mountains (most notably in McKittrick Canyon) and the Big Bend, as well as in the Texas Hill Country. Other trees such as Texas red oaks (Quercus texana), bald cypresses (Taxodium distichum) and cedar elms (Ulmus crassifolia) can produce beautiful color under the right conditions.

Current offerings from West Texas include photos from McKittrick Canyon and Smith Spring in Guadalupe Mountains National Park.

Current offerings from the Texas Hill Country include photos from Lost Maples State Natural Area, Balcones Canyonlands National Wildlife Refuge, and Pedernales Falls State Park.

Current offerings from the Texas Cross Timbers include photos from San Saba County.

Prints and Licensing

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