A Portrait Of Home

2016040208, Bluebonnets, mesqute, and cactus
2016051501, Agarita and cedar elms
2017110504, Cedar elms in fall color
2016051502, Firewheels and mesquite
2019040708, Cloud layers
2016040206, Bluebonnets, prickly pear, and agarita
2021011001, Snow-covered
2016032001, Cedar elms at sunset
2015102515, Old barn at sunset
2015060801, Wildflowers and mesquite
2016050107, Cottontail rabbits
2018032501, Cedar elm and agarita
41SSA00574, Stormfront
2013051901, Prickly pear cactus blooms
2015111501, Lichen covered sandstone
2012052004, Mesquite and coreopsis
2015101102, Cedar elms in fall color
41SSA00481, Prickly pear cactus at sunset
2019040801, Bluebonnets and post oak
2019040704, Mesquite in fog
2015092701, Prickly pear and mesquite at sunset
2019033101, Hillside bluebonnets
2021011002, Post oak in snowstorm
2019010601, Lichen on sandstone
41SSA00450, Texas bluebonnets and sunburst
2012093001, Rain showers
2018102102, Afternoon light on China Creek
2015040503, Lichen covered boulders in elm grove
2018041501, Dead mesquite and live mesquite
2018031804, Backlit cedar elm
2018031102, Green cedar elm among dormant trees
2017110501, Cedar elms in fall color
2017100801, Tasajillo and mesquite at sunset
2017011501, Ranch road on foggy day
2017110505, Cedar elms in fall color
2015112501, Lichen covered boulder and elm leaves
2016110601, Post oak crown under cloudy skies
2019042801, Winecups under post oak
2016092501, Gayfeather in yucca
2016032903, Prickly pear cactus, bluebonnets, and mesquite
2016040301, Horse crippler cactus in bloom
2016022107, Water droplets on an emerging bluebonnet
2015101101, Sunburst through cedar elm
41SSA00591, Texas bluebonnets under cloudy skies
2016022104, Agarita and Mexican plum tree in bloom
2016012301, Winter moon rising
2015102514, Sunset clouds
2015090601, Prickly pear tunas
2015052405, Mexican hats
2013052609, Agave and mesquite
2019010602, Lichen on sandstone
2015041904, Lace cactus in bloom
2015031901, Agarita at sunset
2014092801, Agave
2021011004, Cedar elms in snow
2015040501, Trail through cedar elm grove
2014012602, Mesquite and bee brush at sunset
2014051001, Prickly pear in bloom
2012071504, Rain showers

About A Portrait of Home

Though the term home is typically used to indicate one’s place of residence, for some it can be a much more abstract concept. At its core, the word bespeaks an emotional bond borne out of a reverence for and comfort in a place. An inevitable result of such intimate acquaintance with a place is an intense familiarity with and appreciation of the minute details of it that the occasional visitor might never notice.

It is in this abstract sense that I consider a piece of land in the Western Cross Timbers region of Central Texas in San Saba County a home. Though it is not my permanent residence I have lived in it, worked on it, witnessed its seasonal transformations, and watched with anticipation as the cycle of life plays out on it over and over again.

The land has become part of who I am. A Portrait of Home seeks to reveal my deep connection with it and the love I have for it.