The Art Of Faith

2018021901, Guardian Angel Catholic Church
2018051205, Organ pipes
2016081006, Apse
2017021105, St. Mary's Catholic Church
2017072221, Last Supper carving
2018051206, Painted arches
2017021102, Ceiling and apse
2017072215, Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary Catholic Church
2017072220, Mosaic art
2017080230, Painted detail
2016081010, Stained glass window
2018051202, St. Peter's Catholic Church
2016081007, Apse and ceiling
2017021312, Painted detail
2017021302, Painted apse and ceiling
2017072209, St. Ann's Catholic Church
2018051212, Mural detail
2017080220, Painted apse
2017080216, Bible and candle
2017080225, St. Mary's Catholic Church
2017081903, Arches
2017072211, Altar gate and painted apse
2017072218, Apse and stained glass window
2016081014, St. Mary Catholic Church
2018021903, Apse detail
2015080807, Painted ceiling detail
2017021311, Lectern detail
2017072216, Stained glass window
2017021303, Painted ceiling
2017021307, Queen of Peace Catholic Church
2017081904, Arches and side altar
2018021904, Painted ceiling
2016081003, St. John the Baptist Catholic Church
2017072217, Painted ceiling detail
2018051210, Ceiling detail
2017080219, St. Mary's Catholic Church
2018051203, Ceiling and apse detail
2017080229, Apse and ceiling
2016061706, Painted ceiling arches
2018021907, Crucifix
2015080805, Painted organ pipes
2017081901, Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church
2018021902, Apse and ceiling
2016061702, Apse
2017021301, Sts. Cyril and Methodius Catholic Church
2017081906, Candles and stained glass window
2016081008, Sts. Cyril and Methodius Catholic Church
2018051218, Apse detail
2017080202, Painting over sanctuary arch
2017080218, Statues
2016081001, Apse and ceiling
2016061701, Immaculate Heart of Mary Church
2017072219, Painted detail
2017021313, Painted ceiling
2015080811, St. Paul Lutheran Church
2017081905, Sanctuary

About The Art of Faith

Texas, like the rest of the country, has been made richer by the contributions given to it by the diverse array of immigrants who chose to settle within its borders. Today, many of those contributions are so much a part of daily life that nary a thought is given to them.

Among the many things which immigrants brought to this land was their religion. In some communities, particularly (but not exclusively) in Central Texas, the importance of new Texans’ faith in God was manifested in elaborately decorated churches, which were also community hubs where all kinds of gatherings were held. They are collectively known today as the Painted Churches of Texas.

The Painted Churches were built by a variety of communities, but are primarily associated with the Czechs and Germans, and to a lesser extent the Polish. The artistry and craftsmanship on display within the churches is striking, and captured my attention from the moment I first became aware of it.

In 1983 the Texas Historical Commission nominated several of the churches to be placed on the National Register of Historic Places. The nomination, titled Churches in Texas with Decorative Interior Painting, gave brief historical synopses of the churches while describing in detail the architectural characteristics and types of decorative painting techniques associated with each. Though the document identified only fifteen Painted Churches, there are at least twenty five churches in Texas that could be so classified.