2016040208, Bluebonnets, mesqute, and cactus
2016012301, Winter moon rising
2016121301, First light on sotol and Goat Mountain Big Bend Nat
2016121205, Moonrise above the Sierra del Caballo Muerto
2016121204, Maple and oak leaves
2016121108, Waterfall below Cattail Falls
2016121107, Rocks, pool, and Cattail Falls
2016121106, Stratified layers of rock
2016121105, Cattail Falls
2016121103, Ferns and boulders at Cattail Falls
2016121102, Sotol overlooking the Window at sunrise
2016111001, Clouds surrounding El Capitán
2016110911, Sotol and maples
2016110908, Bigtooth maples on McKittrick Creek
2016110902, Madrone and sotol
2016110810, Last light on the Guadalupe Mountains
2016110809, Last light on the Guadalupe Mountains through ocotillo
2016110808, Sunburst through bigtooth maple
2016110806, Bigtooth maples in fall color
2016110802, Cloudy sunrise on the Guadalupe Mountains
2016110801, Agave in a field beneath the Guadalupe Mountains
2016110601, Post oak crown under cloudy skies
2016100105, Limestone slabs and cypress tree
2016100104, Upper Falls through cypress trunks
2016100103, Cypress roots and trunks
2016092501, Gayfeather in yucca
2016090920, Illuminated saints
2016090903, Texas flag on chapel façade
2016090902, Historic patterns projected on chapel façade
2016081014, St. Mary Catholic Church
2016081013, Ceiling
2016081012, Column, capital, and arch
2016081011, Ceiling
2016081010, Stained glass window
2016081008, Sts. Cyril and Methodius Catholic Church
2016081007, Apse and ceiling
2016081006, Apse
2016081005, Ceiling
2016081004, Apse
2016081003, St. John the Baptist Catholic Church
2016081001, Apse and ceiling
2016072403, Guard tower and chapel
2016072402, Chapel at sunrise
2016072310, Chapel at sunset
2016072309, Cannon and chapel
2016072307, Barracks door
2016061706, Painted ceiling arches
2016061705, Stained glass window and painted ceiling
2016061704, Organ pipes and ceiling
2016061703, Painted ceiling
2016061702, Apse
2016061701, Immaculate Heart of Mary Church
2016051502, Firewheels and mesquite
2016051501, Agarita and cedar elms
2016050107, Cottontail rabbits
2016040301, Horse crippler cactus in bloom
2016040206, Bluebonnets, prickly pear, and agarita
2016032903, Prickly pear cactus, bluebonnets, and mesquite
2016032808, Sunburst through trees
2016032807, Bluebonnets on Sandy Creek
2016032602, Texas paintbrushes at sunset
2016032105, Bluebonnets and cactus under Turkey Peak
2016032103, Bluebonnets on Sandy Creek
2016032101, Blooming claret cup cacti
2016031303, Spiderwort growing among gneiss boulders
2016032001, Cedar elms at sunset
2016031302, Waterfall on Spring Creek
2016030312, Sunset over the Mesa de Anguila
2016030308, Afternoon light in Santa Elena Canyon
2016030305, Ocotillo at sunrise
2016030304, Sunrise over the Rio Grande in Santa Elena Canyon
2016030302, Cactus overlooking the Rio Grande at sunrise
2016030207, Yucca overlooking the Rio Grande, Big Bend National
2016030205, Blooming huisache tree in Boquillas Canyon
2016030203, The Rio Grande in Santa Elena Canyon
2016030202, The Rio Grande and the Sierra Ponce at sunrise
2016022107, Water droplets on an emerging bluebonnet
2016022104, Agarita and Mexican plum tree in bloom
2016121201, Bigtooth maples growing among boulders

About 2016

This gallery contains the photographs of Texas I created in 2016, listed in reverse chronological order. Included are images of Big Bend National Park in West Texas, Inks Lake State Park in the Texas Hill Country, Enchanted Rock State Natural Area in the Texas Hill Country, McKinney Falls State Park in Austin, and Guadalupe Mountains National Park in West Texas, and San Saba County in the Texas Cross Timbers.

Images from the Painted Churches of Texas include Immaculate Heart of Mary Church in San Antonio, St. John the Baptist Catholic Church in Ammannsville, Sts. Cyril and Methodius Catholic Church in Dubina, and St. Mary Catholic Church in High Hill. 

Photos of the Texas missions and presidios include Presidio la Bahía in Goliad and Mission San José in San Antonio.

Prints and Licensing

For more information regarding licensing images or purchasing photos as prints click here. If you have a specific inquiry please feel free to contact me using the website's contact form here.